Melissa Gresswell // lissgphotography

It's the raw emotion, the focused eyes & the competitive determination. Natural body language. It's where people push their bodies to the max. It's passion in a picture. It's the sportsmanship at the end of a race, match, or game. Most of all, it's the involvement of every type of person... that's why I chose Sport as my specialist field of photographic work.

x Liss x


Away From Sports Photography

Away from sport I enjoy photographing faces and places, in a variety of contexts. My experience spans between theatre; live music; landscape; head-shots; and bridal work. I'm predominantly an 'outdoors photographer' who likes to work away from the studio.

~Worlds Change When Eyes Meet~


Sharing Stories

Photography has allowed me to travel to countless places, whilst meeting so many new faces, like Amelia's here. I've had the privilege of hearing about lots of peoples journey's to where they were, and where they are now. Sharing Stories is a blog feature on this website to get to know the people who I think are fab

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